Securing school networks

A privately held company, iboss was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing innovative security for today’s complex network environments

The fast growing company saw revenues double in 2013 and now holds 56 patents and patents-pending, for the unique technology they have created. Unlike many legacy security solutions, iboss was developed after the mobile revolution so its solutions were designed from the beginning to meet the challenges of the new borderless network. iboss’ unique technology is built on a stream-based approach that provides visibility and control across all inbound/outbound data channels on the network to stop incoming threats and outbound data loss.

iboss currently maintains a global network of 13 data centres, including one in the UK, and works closely with its UK distribution partner Purdicom whilst also maintaining partnerships with technology leaders such as Ruckus Wireless, to ensure that seamless and secure mobile access is available across school networks.

Commitment to education
As members of the Internet Watch Foundation, iboss is committed to child Internet safety and has long had a commitment to protecting students, providing regulatory compliance and defending against advanced threats and malware. With solutions built from the ground up to meet the challenges of a mobile-enabled education, iboss includes:

✥Web filtering for regulatory compliance – the extensive URL database is classified into categories for easy and efficient policy enforcement while iboss real-time threat defence protects against damaging malware and other exploits.

✥Advanced application and social media controls – iboss provides content-aware application scanning and granular control over social media. This protects schools from suspicious or inappropriate applications and allows safe access to social media sites so students learn appropriate social media behavior.

✥No-touch enrollment of all Apple mobile devices – iboss MobileEther MDM provides support for Apple DEP, allowing schools to quickly and easily implement their security policies with forced automatic enrollment, saving administrators from having to handle each device individually.

✥Circumvention prevention – iboss addresses the problem of students attempting to circumvent network security by immediately identifying and blocking Web proxies, the tools designed to enable anonymous browsing.

✥Safe access to educational content – iboss helps schools take advantage of valuable educational content by providing safe search controls and streamlined access to important learning resources on YouTube and Google Services.

✥Intelligent bandwidth shaping – because network availability is critical to education, iboss provides granular control of bandwidth during peak usage hours, so access to important functions such as online testing are never jeopardised.

✥BYOD (bring your own device) management – iboss provides unique BYOD tools that allow schools to extend security and school usage policies to students on their personal mobile devices.

✥Comprehensive reporting and desktop recording – iboss provides network insight and forensic intelligence with features that include drill-down reporting, dynamic geo-mapping, real-time dashboards and exclusive desktop recording.

Data loss protection for schools
Because school networks are housing more personal information on their pupils and teachers than ever before, iboss believes that schools need to be as vigilant as other organisations in safeguarding this data. With this in mind, iboss has developed innovative tools that help schools easily and effectively monitor and block outbound data channels so that private information doesn’t leave the school network.

Awards and recognition
iboss founders, Paul and Peter Martini, were recognised by Ernst Young as 2014 Entrepreneurs of the Year. iboss MobileEther, a proprietary mobile device management solution, also received five stars across the board and was named an SC Magazine 2014 Best Buy. 

Photo: Paul and Peter Martini accepting the 2014 Ernst and Young Award