Seebox: Educational games console takes the world by storm

The Scientific Engineering Education Box game looks like a game changer…

Why do schools need Seeboxes?

The UK needs more than a million new engineers and technicians over the next 5 years alone just to meet the current demand.  According to some estimates, failure to meet the engineering skills demand will cost the UK £27bn a year in lost revenue.

The reality is we are simply not training enough engineers or technical people to even nearly satisfy the current or future demand.

There’s a worldwide AI revolution which is already upon us.  Once the subject of science fiction movies, now reality; its future impact on our lives thought to be so radical and pervasive that it could amount to a fourth industrial revolution.

Preparing our children for a very challenging future

We desperately need to get a lot more of our young children curious and interested in STEM subjects from an early age and once interested, keep them interested and help them develop a love for STEM.

Seebox is a great engagement and learning tool that complements traditional methods.  So far, traditional methods have failed to grab and keep the interest and attention of enough children with regards to STEM. We need to be more creative, more innovative and more pro-active.

Problem solving ability is difficult to learn from a book or video, and should be practiced until the learner becomes good at it.  Seebox puts the focus on engaging the learner and measuring while the problem-solving process is in progress.  This is different from presenting a learner with information in the form of a video or a text book and then testing that knowledge by having the student recall it during an exam.

What is Seebox?
Seebox or ‘Scientific Engineering Education Box’ is an award winning, innovative game console that teaches children the principles of electronics, engineering and science in a fun and practical way.  It’s also a sophisticated 6-in-1 professional test and measuring instrument. 

Seebox combines entertaining, animated video lessons with hands-on step by step real experiments.

Includes the curriculum suitable from year 7 up to university level.

It increases the science capital of young learners and stimulate creativity. 

Seebox develops problem solving skills and improve abstract thinking. 

Increases learner engagement and gets them involved. 

Has a higher success rate with regards to knowledge retention than traditional teaching methods.

Robotics kits and single-board computers focus only on software development, but electronics is the basis that all software runs on.  Seebox is physical and tangible, which kids love. It is not limited to a library of virtual components created for the software, it uses real-world components which mean the possibilities are endless.  It creates a deeper understanding, which makes a person a better engineer. 

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