Simple savings with AV tech

Simple AV updates make huge sustainability improvement for Lipson Co-operative Academy

Lipson Co-operative Academy has completely refreshed its AV and IT infrastructure to make significant sustainability savings and over £1,215 in electricity. Alongside switching to more energy efficient lighting and solid state drives, a big part of this process was replacing all the projectors, which were traditional lamp based models, to Casio’s Laser & LED Hybrid solutions.

The school had 73 projectors in total all of which required replacement lamps every two – three years, a significant and labour intensive task. Initiatives that the team were trying to put in place to save power, such as switching units off as one teacher left the room, were also hindering them in terms of teaching efficiency, due to the warm up time when the next teacher arrived which impacted on their lesson.

Casio is the pioneer of Laser & LED technology and is the only manufacturer whose whole range is dedicated to it. Major benefits include no lamps or filters to change reducing maintenance and the light source remaining consistent with no drop off or fade throughout the enhanced 20,000 hour lifetime, negating the need to ever pull blinds. The significantly reduced power consumption of up to 35% and more efficient design results in an industry leading total cost of ownership.

Adam Hodgess, Learning Technology Manager at the Lipson Co-operative Academy explained: “The oldest models we have from Casio are now over three years old and we have had no problems with any of them. Casio’s 10,000 hour onsite warranty helped us with the decision to make the transition, as it equates to five years worth of usage so we knew that we couldn’t fail, when you take into consideration that we were changing the lamps every two or three years.” 

“From running our own tests, we estimated that in terms of power consumption, a standard lamp based projector costs 2.59 pence per hour to run compared to 1.13p for our Casio models. Over the course of a year, our calculations tell us that this results in a saving of £1,215 in electricity for our whole projector display portfolio. This is making a real difference to our overall eco credentials.” 

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