Singapore Government provides platform for education

Sophie Beyer finds education sector supported by digital agency HIVE

A Government agency outlined how it connects with Singapore citizens and embeds technology into government services such as education during Smart Nation week (27/4 -4/5).

GovTech’s HIVE is a small team of 150 people whose aim is to solve problems for Singapore’s citizens.  HIVE consists of data scientists, software technicians and IoT specialists who develop apps and websites which aim to improve life in the city by electronically coordinating digital services such as education, healthcare and environment.

HIVE’s aim is to provide new apps in-house rather than outsourcing to the private sector.  It says this approach provides a quick turnaround to government departments. HIVE has a satellite team in the Ministry of Education to develop skills and services there.

Technology is critical for every government today

Chan Cheow How, Deputy Chief Executive of GovTech explained, ‘Technology is critical for every government today.’  He has helped move Government from outsourcing platforms to developing their own with a very short development time. ‘It’s up to us to make it as simple as possible…we should be able to yield better software and user experience.’

HIVE has developed MyInfo, a consent based platform where users can choose to share data to apply for public services such as education, polytechnics and exam services.  The pilot is to be extended into more areas.

HIVE is also supporting the implementation of chatbots across public sector websites including education. ‘Ask Jamie’ is a virtual personal assistant with natural language processing, driven by the desire to provide more humanity to government services and to facilitate Singaporean citizens to help themselves.

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