So you’€™ve decided to flip your classroom

If you’€™re new to creating video content, here are some key questions you need to ask to ensure that your content can be shared, stored and searched

How am I going to record my flipped sessions?

Most teachers aren’t experienced videographers, so you need to choose a technical solution that makes it as simple as possible to create compelling videos. Flipped learning is also meant to be highly flexible, so the technology you use needs to offer the ability to record any kind of content, from anywhere, at any time. 

How can I share my videos easily, consistently and securely?

As a flipped educator, you’re going to create a significant amount of video content that you’ll need to store and share with the right students at the right time. Without a central video library in place, making sure this important academic content is stored in a logical way and available to students whenever they need it will be almost impossible. Choosing a solution that offers a powerful Video Content Management System (VCMS) will be key to ensuring your growing video library is as well-ordered as your bricks and mortar equivalent.

What if I want to record an experiment or a field trip?

Whether it’s experiments in the lab, remote demonstrations “in the field” or simply sharing content on a complex concept from a home office, instructors need to be able to record every angle and perspective on a subject. If you want to share multiple videos, slides, a screencast and more, you need a solution that can capture, and automatically synchronise, all the elements you want to show. 

How can I make sure my students are able to watch my videos whatever device they use?

No matter how compelling your video content, if students can’t watch the flipped session on their device, they won’t be properly prepared for the face-to-face class. This is a problem that gets more complicated with the launch of every new viewing platform. This means you need a solution that makes recordings accessible whether a student is using the latest iPad or an older laptop.

How will students be able to navigate to the most important parts of a video?

Over the course of an academic year, flipped educators will build up a sizeable body of recorded content. As exams loom and students want to review specific content, you need a system in place that allows students to search not just for a certain video, but inside the recorded content too.

How can Panopto help?

Panopto is already helping educators around the world flip the classroom – making it easy for them to record, store, share and search top-quality flipped classroom content in just a few clicks. How? 

1. We make it easy for educators to start creating video content in seconds
Our software allows you to record using a laptop, iPhone, iPad, or using a more sophisticated set up. You can capture audio, video, PowerPoint slides, screencasts and more – and everything is automatically synchronised.

2. We act as your video library
Panopto offers a robust Video Content Management System so that once you’ve made a recording, it’s automatically stored in your secure media library and made available to the right students at the right times. 

3. Whatever your set-up, we can cope
Whether you want to record a five minute clip on your iPhone or a multi-camera technical demonstration, you can use Panopto. 

4. We make your content viewable on any device 
Once you’ve created a recording we automatically transcode your content into a range of formats so it can be watched back on any device. 

5. Our Smart Search functionality makes inside video search simple
Students can search a Panopto recording for any word spoken, shown on-screen or featured on a slide. This makes it easy for them to skip straight to the parts of the video they need to revise. 

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