Sony Vision Presenter PWA-VP100

Each new generation of students has a stronger natural affinity with technology as a learning mechanism than the last

Modern technology is continually pushing the boundaries for how people receive and engage with information, and each new generation of students has a stronger natural affinity with technology as a learning mechanism than the last.

It’s critical that teachers engage students with dynamic and powerful learning resources that are not only familiar to them, but that they can access, interact with and manipulate in a format that works for them. Carefully implemented, innovative technologies not only deliver engaging learning environments, connected thinking and versatility, but also enable teachers to focus their creativity to maximise the impact of the lessons they deliver. In addition, this better prepares students for the working environments they will face
when they graduate.

Sony’s vision for a new type of learning environment has digital content at its core, with the means to easily manage multiple pieces of content, sharing and engaging with them, and allowing teachers and students to focus on specific details as well as the bigger picture – crucial in larger classrooms and lecture halls in particular. Using a 4K viewing system which can display four times as much information as HD, Sony’s Vision Presenter allows information from multiple sources to appear together in high quality on a large screen. Unlike regular multi-view solutions which display live video feeds on an HD resolution display, Vision Presenter can display a rich array of media, such as movies, stills, websites and PowerPoint documents, allowing teachers to enhance their lessons through rich, multi-media content. It features flexible inputs via SDI or HDMI, provides intuitive and interactive operation with air mouse or tablet control, and integrates seamlessly with a host of other applications for ease of use.

Sony’s Vision Presenter also enables easy and complete control of a range of Sony motorised cameras via a simple on-screen pop-up remote controller. This allows teachers to change the position and focus of cameras without the need for cameramen or a separate control device, and camera positions can even be stored and pre-set for future use. Without interrupting the flow of presentation, it is possible to effectively insert live video footage and pre-set a camera position so it can be called up at any time.

Handling diverse information sources quickly and easily, Sony’s Vision Presenter facilitates impactful presentations and ignites discussion by allowing education professionals to seamlessly and simultaneously manage multiple sources of compelling content.
Most importantly, it acts as a centrepiece for the classroom, capturing attention and underpinning learning.

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