Southern Alberta Institute of Technology provides students with digital diplomas

The institute’s class of 2019 will receive blockchain-based documents along with traditional paper certificates

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Canada, will grant digital, blockchain-based diplomas to its class of 2019.

The virtual diplomas will be awarded in addition to traditional paper certificates, and will allow graduates to share their diploma directly with potential employers around the world, digitally.

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Blockchain technology also features a decentralised digital ledger, to cryptographically ensure the security and authenticity of the credentials. SAIT is working in partnership with blockchain suppliers ODEM to produce the digital awards.

CEO of ODEM, Richard Maaghul, said: “Education is one of life’s most valuable assets. We believe that students should have control over their own records, and blockchain technology makes that possible.”

Students should have control over their own records, and blockchain technology makes that possible.
– Richard Maaghul, ODEM

The roll-out follows a successful pilot programme, undertaken in December 2018. The pilot included 25 graduates from the Pre-Employment Automotive Service Technician programme at SAIT, the first post-secondary graduates in Canada to receive blockchain credentials.

President and CEO of SAIT, Dr David Ross, said: “SAIT graduates are well-positioned for success with employers in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

“By making valued SAIT credentials accessible through blockchain, our graduates and employers will continue to benefit from this innovative technology that’s responsive, authentic, and widely accessible.”