Spelling boost for kids via new app

Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game is a new iPad game recommended for children aged 4-8 years, where spelling meets arcade games

Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game is an exciting new iPad game recommended for children aged 4-8 years, in which spelling practice meets arcade-style gameplay and bright, beautiful graphics.  It is the first ever children’s dictionary app to be created by Oxford University Press. 

The app is an interactive game featuring Pip – a cute and colourful parrot, who somersaults when he collects a correct letter and squawks indignantly when he loses a feather.  Pip leads children through different worlds of increasing difficulty, from the Oasis to the Mountains and back to his home in the Jungle by collecting letters and spelling words.  The new app weaves spelling skills with captivating gameplay including bright graphics and lively music.

Over 3,000 carefully selected and age-appropriate words are levelled according to unique research in the Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game app.  Suitable for US or UK English, all words are taken from the authoritative ‘Oxford First Dictionary’.  As the game progresses, collected words are added to the ‘My Dictionary’ feature in the app so that children can track their progress and explore definitions and language at their own pace.

Vineeta Gupta, Head of Children’s Dictionary Publishing, Oxford University Press says: “We know that children love games and that they are keen and motivated to spell well, this ambitious and exciting app combines these to help children practise their spelling in a creative and fun way.  What sets Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Gameapart is that it focuses on words that children find hard to spell, and is based on the latest research from the Oxford dictionaries team.”

Features allow multiple profiles to be set up so that several users can progress through the game at different rates and audio controls with separate sound controls for music and for sound effects.

Spell with Pip: An Oxford Spelling Game is available for £2.99 from the App Store.


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