Sponsored video: OLED, LG’s next step in TV technology

Imagine what your favourite films would look like in ultra-HD 4K and with black rendered to perfection

Could there be any better endorsement for the new LD Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) TV from LG than from legendary film director Ridley Scott when he commented that: “The darkness enables you to see every colour on the screen in perfect detail”. Experts in television technology normally judge a TV’s ability to show the colour black as a key indicator of top performance and that’s where the new OLED technology comes in. Today’s consumers are highly educated and accustomed to clear sound and higher quality viewing in the home and manufacturers are constantly competing to win the hearts and eyes of the viewer.

Perfect black is the portal to perfect colour

The new, multi-award winning OLED TV takes this to a new level by rendering black to perfection, creating the best viewing experience around. As the OLED needs no backlight, every single pixel can emit light individually, meaning it can create every shade of black perfectly and with an infinite contrast ratio, while also making the TV lighter and slimmer.

This makes the OLED a whole new category of TV in terms of picture quality, both crisp and believable at the same time.

LG believes this move to OLED TV will be as big a shift as the introduction of the smartphone onto the mobile phone market. Once you’ve sampled the delights of perfect black on screen, you’ll definitely want to spread the word.

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