Kitronik’s spooktastic Halloween costumes

Old fashioned chills are fashioned from a mix of modern tech in the new ZIP Halo project

As Halloween approaches, Kitronik, a developer of electronic project kits and learning resources for schools, makers and coders, has unveiled a plan designed to inspire the creation of spooky Halloween costumes and accessories.

The project combines Kitronik’s ZIP Halo with the BBC micro:bit to enable coders to add a dazzling array of lights to their Halloween fancy dress. 

See here for a tutorial on how to use the ZIP Halo

The ZIP Halo also helps children to be seen when they are out trick or treating during the evening. Each one of 24 LEDs can produce a full spectrum of colours via 256 levels of brightness, resulting in 16,777,216 possible output colours. An expansion connector allows additional ZIP LEDs to be connected to produce longer strips or rings, all be controllable by the ZIP Halo.

When not used in customising Halloween projects, the bolt-on board can be used in a range of design projects, helping to ensure the micro:bit is used across STEM subjects.

Commenting on the Halo Halloween projects, Kitronik co-founder Kevin Spurr said: “The opportunities for fun creativity with the ZIP Halo are endless. We’ve enjoyed applying the ZIP Halo to the witch’s hat and Dracula’s cape but I’m sure creative coders will come up with some great Halloween ideas.” 

The ZIP Halo is priced at £11:50 excluding VAT and is available to order via the Kitronik website