Staffordshire University aiming for digital transformation

The institution is looking to position itself as a technology leader in the UK’s higher education sector with a managed cloud service from ANS Group

Staffordshire University moved to the Microsoft Azure public cloud last year, using technologies such as machine learning and virtual reality, in a bid to enhance its curriculum and corporate strategy. 

After facing substantial increases in cloud costs over the course of the move, the university adopted a managed service from ANS to cut costs and drive efficiencies. Since June 2017, this has helped the university reduce the cost of its cloud infrastructure by 25%, with the expectation of more to come. 

Using its cloud infrastructure as a foundation, the university claims to be “enhancing its reputation as a leading provider of software engineering, games design, and e-sports related courses”. It is also providing a more thorough digital learning experience in its traditional courses and “working to become a truly 24-hour university, so that students can access resources and support whenever and wherever necessary”. 

‘The university has reduced the cost of its cloud infrastructure by 25%, with the expectation of more to come.’

The university says that further improvements from its work with ANS will include boosting the speed of its student-facing and internal administrative applications, and using machine learning software to help to improve student retention rates.  

Russ Barnes, ‎head of service management at Staffordshire University, said: “Our ambitious plans for digital transformation require careful, expert-led management and ANS has played an integral part in providing this.  

“The team not only understand the scale of our aims, but are already helping us to achieve them. ANS’ managed service has freed up valuable time for our internal IT teams to continually tweak and improve our digital capabilities, so that we can continue to provide the best possible experience for our students and staff.”