Standing up for better learning

Ergotron unveils second generation of LearnFit Standing Desks for healthier classrooms and more engaged students

Ergotron, a global leader in the sit-stand workplace revolution and connected classroom, addressed student health and academic performance with the presentation of its second generation of the LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk at BETT 2016.

The latest addition to Ergotron’s suite of products for the classroom, the LearnFit desk has been rigorously tested for teacher and student feedback through the company’s “spotlight classroom” pilot program and from research from organisations like Loughbrough University who are exploring the use of standing desks as a means to help reduce sedentary behaviour in schools.

“Integrating the desks into actual classrooms created an opportunity for teachers to not only introduce standing into their classrooms in a practical way,” explained Bob Hill, education manager of Ergotron, “but also witness, firsthand, what researchers and academia have observed around introducing low-impact physical activity throughout the day: greater student engagement, better on-task behavior and greater academic performance, in addition to the metabolic, musculoskeletal and psychosocial benefits.”

Along with a generous and durability-tested worksurface, the LearnFit Desk includes many new student-friendly features: a tablet slot, backpack hook, water bottle holder and pencil tray, as well as an optional storage bin for books and class supplies. Each student can instantly and intuitively personalize the desk to his or her preferred height with the simple use of a hand lever, and each desk, when paired with a counter-height stool, allows students to choose when to sit or stand throughout the day depending on their energy levels and without interrupting sight lines of other students.

“At Ergotron, we are looking to contribute to the global concerns about childhood health by providing means to introduce activity in the classroom,” said Pete Segar, CEO of Ergotron. “Standing desks allow students to move, thus helping to increase students’ blood circulation, burn more calories and help maintain muscle tone. And studies are also showing improvements in student behavior and attentiveness, which we expect will soon be proven to aid in learning outcomes.”

In addition to the student benefits, the implementation of standing desks can transform classrooms into active learning environments. Having the desks on casters allows the teacher to reconfigure the room easily based on the lesson plans. Units can be rolled together for small group breakouts and quickly returned to the original classroom configuration when done. This helps teachers reclaim precious class time and allows for more class instruction.

Ergotron’s LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk, and broad line of device charging systems and products are available now through Ergotron’s global distribution channels. For more information about Ergotron’s education products visit or +44 (0) 870 756 0260.


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