Student seeks funding for online learning

An undergraduate student entrepreneur seeks crowdfunding to expand successful online language learning business

Papora, an innovative online and mobile language course provider, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund the development of its service.

This award-winning concept allows language-learners to develop conversational fluency in a matter of weeks. The project is inviting backers to support its expansion.

Papora currently offers courses in English and Spanish via iPad, iPhone and iPod. If the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal, Papora will also provide courses in French, German, Portuguese and Italian and they will be available on a wider range of operating systems and devices, starting with Android.

The project’s stretch goals also include increasing the number of levels available, developing community modules and incorporating voice recognition software so users can receive feedback on their pronunciation.

Papora uses creative methods of language-learning to get users speaking confidently within weeks, with real-life proficiency in their chosen language.

“Papora is pioneering a new concept of language learning”, commented managing director Jake Stainer. “We take great pride in our client base of avid learners and want to offer them a top-quality, ground-breaking service, as well as helping new clients to achieve their language goals.

“Our service is suitable for a wide range of language-learners. Travellers, ambitious professionals, students and language enthusiasts have all taken our courses. Whatever reason someone has for wanting to develop their language skills, Papora will meet their needs.

“Recognising that busy people need a flexible language course, we have developed a service that can be accessed anywhere on a mobile device, so that users can learn while commuting, on lunch breaks, or from home.”

Papora focuses on three essential areas of language acquisition. First, every Papora lesson is based on a particular real-life situation, so that users can confidently use their language skills from day-to-day. Secondly, the programme provides clear explanations of grammatical and cultural norms so that learners can integrate into new countries, or build a strong rapport with international friends or business associates. Thirdly, community-learning is emphasised and users can connect with a wide network of international learners.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will have access to a range of offers depending on the size of their contribution. These include a range of different language programmes.



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