Students get hands-on with coding – for free

FUZE offers free coding workshops for UK school students aged seven to 18

FUZE Technologies is offering a limited number of free coding and electronics workshops for students aged seven to 18. 

The hour-long workshops, which must be booked by 31st December, will teach students essential computing skills, including hands-on coding and problem solving, collaboration and investigating the real-world applications of coding. Each workshop is tailored to the overall ability of the class and will include up to four different projects, including a simple warm-up, flashing LEDs, light sensors and robotics.

Previously, workshops have only been available at events such as the Big Bang Fair, Bett and National Women in Engineering Day, with great success in engaging students and demonstrating the versatility and accessibility of coding.  

James Silcox, director, Midlands Region Big Bang Near Me programme, says: “The overwhelming impression from schools is that the activities, equipment and interactivity is outstanding. [The FUZE workshops] are relevant, highly educational and of a consistently high quality.” 

Now, Jon Silvera, founder and managing director of FUZE, wants to bring the workshops to the classroom, in order to demonstrate how computer science is not just a series of commands on a screen. Jon says: “Through these free workshops, we want to inspire, enlighten and excite children, and help them realise just how much fun coding can actually be.”

Learning to code is now a key skill for school children

Toby West, specialist teacher at Dunmore Primary School, says: ‘Within minutes the group of children were writing code, creating circuits that lit LEDs and controlling robots… they haven’t stopped talking about it.’

Students will be able to experiment with coding using FUZE BASIC. This particular programming language is suitable for all students when learning how to code as it bridges the gap between simple, visual coding environments like Scratch and more complex ones like C++, Python and Java.

All the equipment needed for the workshop will be provided by FUZE and all schools need to provide is desk space and access to power.

Matthew Unsworth, headteacher at Barrow Hills School, says: ‘Already the children are learning to write real code. From year three onwards, the children are able to type, write and master the principles of coding, incorporating electronic circuits and controlling robotic arms.’

To book and for terms and conditions, visit  or email

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