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Support the open source community and vote for Ultimaker as the best brand for 3D printing at the 3D Printshow London

There are all sorts of values attached to the world of desktop printing. The technology’s ability to empower groups and individuals around the world is certainly a driving force in the development of 3D printing’s popularity, but without the right platform, there’s no way that people could be doing what they’re doing with the tech.

Since its establishment in 2011, Ultimaker have been working endlessly to develop new processes, channels and opportunities for every kind of group involved in 3D printing projects – and the results are benefiting not only the tech’s international community, but also benefiting Ultimaker’s products and services. Firmly led by its users, the brand’s ability to embrace the requests, needs and habits of those using their 3D printers makes for an incredibly innovative and open source structure – which in turn has led the way for many other companies within the 3D printing industry.

Ever since Ultimaker started shipping its first Ultimaker 3D printers in May 2011, they captured a prominent position within the competitive Maker industry. As one of the most successful open source companies, Ultimaker works very closely with its community to help drive a personal fabrication revolution.

The Ultimaker 2 set the bar for 3D printers at a new level and Ultimaker continues to develop the scene through innovation, sharing and creating. The company offers a full 3D print experience. In addition to providing great hardware, Ultimaker unleashes creative potential by hosting the community sharing platform called YouMagine and free, best-in-class 3D printing software called Cura.

Ultimaker GB has been working really hard to represent Ultimaker in GB. Ultimaker has very strong ideals which they live by, like being open source, sharing and collaborating.

Another big part of their ethos is the urge to bring 3D printing into schools, to get kids in touch with this new innovative technology and ignite that creative flame that we all had at that age.

Ultimaker has already been working with education institutions in the UK and with schools on the continent to great success and is now about to officially launch into the Education sector.

A national campaign called The CREATE Education Project has been rolling out since the start of 2014, with schools eager to provide students with the best current learning opportunities that 3D printing has to offer.

Support the open source community and vote for Ultimaker as the best brand for 3D printing at the 3D Printshow London here:

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