Tech experts call for IT overhaul

Technology experts feel more needs to be done to educate the next generation of IT workers, new survey finds

Technology is advancing at such a speed that the education system must be reviewed and improved in order to keep pace. This is the view of 61% of tech experts that agreed that ‘more needs to be done to educate the next generation of technology and IT workers’

The research, conducted by online accounts firm Crunch, asked people working in the technology industry about the skills and training of the next generation IT consultants. 

Nearly a third (30%) agree with the statement ‘tech education in the UK is not good enough’. One in five respondents (21%) said tech education needs a stronger focus in schools and more work is needed, and 8% said more needs to be done. 

What should be done?

Respondents identified the most effective ways of up-skilling school leavers wanting to work in the technology sector. Encouraging more on the job training was identified as the strongest solution by over a third of professionals (34%) with 28% said apprenticeships are key to boosting career paths. More government funding for practical technology skills was also a recognised by 19% of those surveyed. 

Laura Hughes, Training Manager at Crunch, said: ‘Many of our clients work in the tech and IT industries. It’s a fast growing sector with lots of opportunities, but there’s not enough talent. This research shows that much more needs to be done in education and with businesses to build skills and generate work experience in order to encourage and inspire students into tech careers.

‘We are seeing a big rise in developers, programmers and other technical experts starting their own businesses. They’re realising that they can make much more money freelancing than working in-house as demand continues to outstrip supply.’


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