Tech hub for struggling teachers

Teachers struggling with changes to the way Computing is taught in schools can get advice from a new ‘education hub’

The way in which Computing is taught as part of the schools’ curriculum is changing, bringing in new elements such as computer code writing, even at primary school age.

The ‘Computing at School’ (or CAS) working group is a grassroots organisation set-up by higher and further education Computing tutors, people working in the information technology sector and schoolteachers. It promotes the teaching of good Computing in schools and works with the BCS Academy of Computing and the Chartered Institute for IT professionals.

To help schools in the county, a Derbyshire hub of the CAS network has now been set-up by Susan Tarrant, a Lecturer in Teacher Education at the University of Derby, and Matthew Parry, a CAS Master Teacher at Swanwick School and Sports College.

The hub offers teachers training and support, the opportunity to network with those working in the same field and encourages the development of schools’ Computing courses, to provide pupils with the skills they’ll need in the workplace. Two meetings of the Derbyshire CAS hub have already been held, with more planned for later in the year.

Susan Tarrant said: “The way Computing is being taught in schools is changing hugely, and this brings with it uncertainty and concerns for primary and secondary school teachers.

“The ‘Computing at School’ group is working nationally to address this, and Matthew Parry and I wanted to provide more support for local schools by setting up a CAS Derbyshire hub on its website. The University already has many partnership schools, which work closely with our Education degree course students, and I’d hope that our new hub would be a good resource for them as well.”

For more information about the Computing at School working group and its work visit and for the Derby hub and its events go to