The Actives Challenge – a new app to engage kids in health

Sponsored: An increased focus on physical activity and health means schools are seeking innovative solutions that don’t increase teacher workload

The Actives Challenge is a new mobile app that rewards children for displaying a range of healthy behaviours (both in and out of school) with ‘Zaps’ – the 2018 version of a gold star!  

The app is designed to educate and engage children and parents across four key pillars of health and wellbeing

 – Physical activity

 – Healthy eating and drinking

 – Self-confidence

 – Mental toughness and resilience

Weekly progress can be tracked individually, within school classes, teams or even nationally – the choice is yours!

Engaging yet simple to use, The Actives Challenge was a big hit with four primary schools that took part in a recent pilot and is now available to schools across the UK to use for the 2018/19 academic year. 

Matthew Whittle, PE Teacher, said: “The Actives Challenge is a great way for children to enjoy and engage with health and wellbeing. It doesn’t bombard them with the usual slogans and instead allows them to engage in a way that speaks to them.” 

The app has also had the thumbs-up from Olympic medallist Sharron Davies MBE: “The Actives Challenge makes it fun and easy for kids and parents to choose to live healthier lifestyles.”

The Actives Challenge is a simple, cost-effective way for schools to demonstrate their commitment to health and wellbeing and can be purchased using part of the PE & School Sport Premium budget. 

Schools can sign up by visiting and readers of Education Technology can get a 10% discount by quoting ET10 when booking. 

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