The Edtech Podcast: Anant Agwal

#115 – the edX CEO on MOOCs, coding, the importance of writing, and having favourites

What’s in this episode?

This week I am in conversation with edX CEO Anant Agwal. I interviewed Anant the day after he shared a stage with US Ed Secretary, Betsy De Vos, where he encouraged her to consider a range of policy options in front of a live audience at SXSWEDU in Austin. In this recording we talk about that experience, plus how MOOCs and online learning are developing, why writing is as important as coding, why choosing your favourite learner is as bad as having a favourite child, and we even invite Class Central Founder Dhawal Shah to bring his expertise to bear after his fantastic talk on The Evolution of MOOCs also at SXSW Edu. 


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