The Edtech Podcast: On Efficacy and Impact in Edtech

Episode 88: The third part of the ASU GSV Summit Series


Welcome everyone to this third episode from the ASU GSV Summit series on The Edtech Podcast. This week we hear about efficacy and impact touching upon evidence-based education, why you shouldn’t attempt to be a researcher, and why accreditation isn’t the answer in the complicated world of education! 

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What’s in this episode?

From apps that are aspiring to be the Uber of supply teaching, to cutting-edge platforms and assessment tools allowing school data to be analysed in innovative new ways, many EdTech companies are aiming to enhance teaching and learning experiences across the UK and in doing so, transform the way that schools operate – saving them both time and money.

This week’s episode looks at all of these things and the UK’s standing in edtech, alongside an increasing attraction to international expansion opportunities.


  • Message from this week’s sponsors Qatar Foundation International and The Michelson 20MM Foundation
  • Sophie Bailey introduction – latest events, competition winners and news 
  • The GSV Partner perspective on efficacy and impact
  • 1:1 interviews featuring:
  • Bart Epstein, Founding CEO, Jefferson Education Accelerator (recorded at ASU GSV Summit)
  • Tom Bennett, Director and founder of researchED
  • Sophie Bailey outro  what’s next in the series? 

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The Role of Testing within Digital Transformations

Wednesday, January 26, 11AM (GMT)