The Edtech Podcast: personalised learning

#102 – what role does the student, teacher, and software play in the implementation of personalised learning?

What’s in this episode?

What is personalized learning? What is it not? Is there an evidence base yet for personalised learning and what does the research evidence show us about the contexts where personalized learning works best? What is the role of student, software and teacher in a personalised learning context? What questions should we be asking?


Sophie is the founder of the iTunes new and noteworthy, The Edtech Podcast. The mission of The Edtech Podcast is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ for better innovation, through storytelling. The podcast is downloaded 1500+ times a week, from up to 141 countries with the UK, US & Aus in the top 3. Sophie is a mentor and advisor within the edtech community. If she’s not interviewing a University Lecturer, School Leader, Ex-Angry Bird, NGO, or Investor about education innovation, she’s chasing her three year old around the park or binge-reading Homo Deus.

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Dr. Kristen DiCerbo is the Vice-President of Education Research at Pearson. She leads a team of researchers focused on conducting and translating research about learners and learning to inform the development curricula and tools developed by Pearson. Her personal research programme centres on simulation and game-based assessment. She has published more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as whitepapers on transformations of education in the digital world. Prior to joining Pearson, Kristen provided research support to the Networking Academies at Cisco and was a school psychologist in a local school district in Arizona. Kristen received her Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Arizona State University.

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  • Richard Fulford

Having studied biochemistry at university, Richard worked for the MHRA looking at the side effects of prescription medicines. After not too long, he decided people would be more interesting than pills and retrainied as a teacher. Richard trained ‘on the job’ at a challenging school in Kent before moving to Invicta Grammar School which had the appeal of teaching biology to sixth form students.

He taught at Invicta for 9 years, moving from NQT to Associate Assistant Headteacher whilst taking responsibility for the biology and science departments as well as CPD and teaching and learning at different levels and times.

He has recently moved to the Latymer School in Tottenham and enjoys working with very able students there as well as working as an SLE in supporting other schools and as an educational consultant for both Tassomai and 20-20 Learning.

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