The Edtech Podcast: what does the education secretary have in store for edtech in England?

#137 – we hear from Damian Hinds on his plans for England’s edtech

What’s in this episode?

Hello everyone, this week we listen into the UK education secretary’s plans for edtech in England, plus the creative brains behind Scratch on the early days of computers, a teacher and the Institute of Imagination on hands-on learning, a new club for edutainment toys, and an insanely enthusiastic digital media FE teacher on collecting Masters degrees and delving into research on AI, our emotions and learning. Enjoy!


  • Sophie Bailey: Founder and presenter of The Edtech Podcast | Twitter: @podcastedtech
  • Damian Hinds: UK education secretary and MP for East Hampshire | Twitter: @DamianHinds
  • Mitchel Resnick: Professor of learning research at MIT Media Lab, author of Lifelong Kindergarten, and founder of the Scratch Team | Twitter: @mres
  • Shafina Vohra: Teacher of A level psychology at the London Design & Engineering UTC | Twitter: @ShafinaVohra
  • Annie Duffield: Head of marketing and communications, Institute of Imagination | Twitter: @annieduffs
  • Ben Callicot: Founder, Toy Pioneers Club | Website:
  • Ian Hurd: Media & creative arts teacher | Twitter: @Ian_R_Hurd

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