The Edtech Podcast: with Erik Harrell, CEO of Kahoot!

#88: the penultimate edition of the ASU GSV Summit series

Hello! and welcome everyone to this penultimate edition of the ASU GSV Summit Series on The Edtech Podcast. My name is Sophie Bailey and this is the podcast dedicated to bringing together the whole spectrum of learning and talent innovation from around the world, so do let us know where you are listening in.  

This week I’m in conversation with the “newish” CEO of Kahoot, Erik Harrell. (He’s been in the job for a year now, whilst David Levin, CEO, McGrawHill announced he was leaving minutes after I recorded this intro)!

We talk about everything from experiencing British International education in Thailand and sailing around the Nordic Fjords, to commercialising Kahoot and why class participation is so important. With the co-founders of Kahoot and the incoming CEO being quite different animals, it’s a fascinating listen. 

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A big shout out to the ASU GSV Summit, Qatar Foundational International, and Ed Academy for sponsoring this week’s episode. 

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