The latest issue of Independent Education Today is out now!

This month, we look at what it takes to be an independent school headteacher in 2018


This month, we are exploring the most important part of the education system – the people within it.

Throughout the year I am fortunate to attend a variety of conferences about the education sector and there is always one subject that guarantees a strong discussion. The subject in question is leadership, something which is vital to schools today and tomorrow. Therefore, I knew that for this year’s ‘People Issue’ we needed to delve into what makes a successful leader in 2018. In our special report on page 15, four headteachers joined the conversation and explained their leadership journey. Our cover star, Suzie Longstaff, Headmistress at Putney High School GDST, had a successful rowing career before working in education and it is fascinating to hear how she still uses this experience in her current headship.

Elsewhere, we continue to celebrate the IB in its 50th year on page 25, as John Claughton reflects on the programme’s history and there is a fantastic facilities feature on page 55, written by Sally Jones. Sally talks to the schools who are proving that modern and historic facilities can work well together. Finally, as we look forward to the summer months, Ben Evans, Headmaster at Edge Grove, discusses the importance of children getting outside and embracing sports on page 60. I hope you enjoy this issue!