The London Grid for Learning Secondary Maths Conference

Viral Contagion and Search and Rescue scenarios bring maths to life at the LGfL Secondary Maths Conference

The London Grid for Learning Secondary Maths Conference will be held at the Camden CLC on the 21st March providing the opportunity for teachers at LGfL/ NEN schools to attend free CPD workshops and share best-practise regarding secondary maths teaching.

The conference aims to support teachers in the effective use of LGfL / NEN learning resources for problem-solving in maths and provide the opportunity for networking and sharing relevant advice and ideas from schools across London and the UK.  

Keynote speakers will include Professor Dame Celia Hoyles Professor of Mathematics Education UCL, Andrew Taylor Head of Maths from the AQA exam board and Mark Rodaway UK Maritime Commander for HM Coastguard who will be launching the upcoming LGfL/ NEN Maths ‘Search and Rescue’ resource for Key Stage 3 and 4. 

This new resource aims to make maths relevant and exciting by presenting students with real-life scenarios where maths can help save a life in a high pressured environment. Included within the resource is real world application of; algebra, speed, distance and time, Pythagoras and trigonometry, vectors, probability, mechanics, statistics, normal distribution and bearings.

While pupils may question the relevancy of calculating the sides of a triangle, when the three points are a helicopter, a lifeboat and a sailor in distress, the importance of maths is fully appreciated.

Further workshops will be lead by Tim Stirrup Chief Executive of Mathspace UK featuring the LGfL / Mathspace revision suite. Graham Smart and Oil Trussell LGfL Maths consultants will also be speaking on ‘Maths in the real world’ and running workshops on this topic.

Andrew Taylor from AQA will focus on on current developments in the qualifications landscape as well as an in depth look into growing assessment expertise in schools.

The LGfL Secondary Maths conference presents the perfect opportunity for teachers to receive support and external CPD training. Workshops will be run throughout the day with lunch provided for all attendees. Attendance at the event is free of charge and open to all LGfL and NEN connected schools.

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