The perfect multi-role portal

ProMonitor, integrated student monitoring and support, and ProPortal, the perfect multi-role portal

The Learner 

“With ProPortal I can take control and be responsible for my own learning using my computer or phone.”

My individual learner plan is always with me so I can: 

– see when my assessments are due
– track my progression to check if I’m on target
– view my feedback and add my own comments
– view my attendance and punctuality
– add and view enrichment activities
– set my own SMART targets.

The Teacher

“ProMonitor helps me to manage my time more effectively. I have all I need in one place.”

I can now focus on my teaching and easily manage my:

– marking and tracking of achievement
– assessment feedback to and from learners, including all of my learners ILP’s
– meetings and comments such as progress reviews and disciplinarys
– reports to parents
– SMART targets
– UCAS references and personal statements.

The Manager

“With information at my fingertips. ProMonitor gives me the flexibility I need to report on our data with confidence.”

The compliance reports give me full control to see the entire college so I am able to:

– integrate reports further by site, curriculum area, department, staff and learners
– see everything, from how many SMART targets are set, percentage of work completed, plus how long the feedback process takes
– view my feedback and add my own comments
– automate reports and send them straight to my inbox, ensuring total transparency of key learner information across the entire organisation.

The Employer

“As an employer, it’s difficult to assess how employees qualifications are progressing. ProMonitor makes us an inclusive part of the learner journey.” 

ProMonitor has enabled us to effectively manage our employees by:

– giving insight into our employees ILP’s
– view attendance, punctuality, academic progression, conduct and targets
– transparency allows access to accurate and timely information to support our employees to achieve their learning potential.

The Parent/Guardian

“I want to see how my daughter is getting on with her studies when it suits me, not just twice a year. With ProPortal I can log in and view live data all year round.”

ProPortal enables me to:

– communicate better with all teachers
– view attendance, behaviour, results and even enrichment activities
– see career aspirations, strengths and developments including UCAS personal statements and references
– engage with my child’s education on a level I never thought possible.

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