The School Data Conference returns for 2018

The conference will welcome school leaders and accreditation boards in Central London on November 7th to share best practice for schools’ data usage

Due to changes in accountability and performance measures, it has become increasingly important for schools to remain at the forefront of evaluating their own progress and areas for improvement. 

Facing challenges which include a widening attainment gap, the introduction of Analyse School Performance and a need to assess risk, it is apparent that today’s schools must learn to effectively self-evaluate and benchmark performance within an increasingly digital world.  

With the Department for Education and Ofsted using education data to inform the progress of schools across the country, the responsibility now lies with the schools themselves to evaluate how effective their education provision is, utilising their own data to deliver interventions which improve outcomes. 

However, many schools are unsure on where to begin, with a lack of available best practice from schools which have effectively utilised their data; the same could be said of tech-savvy schools which require a concrete data strategy to ensure they are on the best possible trajectory. 

In response to this, on the7thof November we will be bringing together a host of school leaders and accreditation boards in Central Londonto share best practice on how schools can utilise their data to deliver targeted interventions which can improve curriculum provision and increase attainment. 

With Ofstedand the Department for Educationleading in discussions, this year’s School Data Conference will serve as an invaluable opportunity for schools to learn how their data can be used to promote self-evaluation, assess risk and ultimately improve performance. 

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  • Iain Bradley, Deputy Director – Data Modernisation Division, Department for Education,will be discussing how data insights can be used to implement and assess a school development plan, alongside guidance on using Analyse School Performance to support self-evaluation. 
  • Jason Bradbury, Deputy Director – Data and Insight,Ofsted, will be discussing the role of data analysis in their accountability and inspection process.
  • Jon Andrews, Director – School System and Performance, Education Policy Institute, will be sharing insights on how to better interpret and act on national performance data to improve school improvement strategies. 


This is an invaluable opportunity to take away best practice from leading schools and guidance from accreditation bodies on how to effectively utilise your data to support self-evaluation and improve performance. 

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