The schools that welcome Ofsted

For some savvy schools in the UK, Ofsted inspections are a breeze

What does an Ofsted inspection mean to you? Overtime? Stress? Hours of printing, cutting and sticking, not to mention all the reporting?

For some savvy schools in the UK, Ofsted inspections are a breeze. No late nights and no anxious staff. And every week, with a sigh of relief, more schools join them.

Owen Jamieson was a teacher in Southport for 20 years. He used to dread Ofsted inspections like everyone else. So he invented a 21st-century technology which could change the lives of teachers forever.

Earwig enables teachers to capture and tag photos, video and documents using a tablet, phone or camera so that they can present these as a vivid and current scrolling timeline for every class, subject and pupil.

In primary schools this can be used as the evidence base for a variety of assessment systems starting with the EYFS, saving staff a great deal of time. It also means that schools are always ‘Ofsted-ready’ with a bank of beautifully presented evidence of school activity and achievement for SLTs, Ofsted and governors and anyone else involved in monitoring or celebrating teaching standards.

Secondary schools use it to record activity outside the core curriculum. Students create their own image-based records, moderated by staff, providing each child with a wonderful and permanent record of their development at every school stage. 

 “Earwig is completely revolutionary and has transformed the way we work.” Giles Storch, Euxton Primary

 “With Earwig we collect the photos taken by the TAs throughout the lessons and then tag the children in those photos and write up the comments – it’s just so much easier. And being able to share that with parents is invaluable. It’s perfect!” Hannah MacLeod, Woodnook Primary

“Earwig means assessment is now an easy task, as opposed to an onerous task.” Tom Sale, Mereside Primary

“The Earwig platform has revolutionised both the teaching and the evidence-gathering of learning and progression within our school.” Richard Halton, Seven Stars Community Primary

 “It allows us to make sure each child is achieving in all areas of learning. It’s easy to miss out maybe creative or physical areas. Earwig gives us a record so we can plan for those areas of learning we’ve missed out. It’s a really useful tool.” Sandra Hindmarsh, Lander Road Primary

“Safe and secure”
Image security is an issue at all schools. Earwig solves this by ensuring that all images and video are confined to a ring-fenced server in the cloud and not on devices.

“Outstanding” parental engagement
Earwig provides parents with a secure login to enable them to see their child’s timeline. This keeps them in touch with their child’s education, engages them and helps motivate each pupil.


âž¡  makes schools more efficient
âž¡  reduces staff stress levels
âž¡  demonstrates the range of activities in the school outside the core curriculum
âž¡  raises levels across the board
âž¡  engages parents
âž¡  motivates children
âž¡  can cost nothing.

To see why Earwig has impressed Ofsted, DfE, The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph and has won awards from BETT, Teach Secondary and TechHeroes, amongst others, visit 

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