The next generation finance system

Advanced Business Solutions has put customers at the heart of the latest version of its market-leading financial management system, e5

e5 Release 5.4 has been specifically designed to support the increasingly mobile and collaborative generation and was inspired entirely by customer feedback. e5 includes sector specific enhancements for higher education customers which includes optimised features and functions that help manage research project proposals, or student-sponsor relationships.

The latest version offers a completely transformed user experience. The new HTML5 user interface means that employees can manage and report their financial activity from mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. The system is also available in the cloud, making it a more cost effective and flexible option depending on customer requirements.  

Users can now access e5 through one single portal and are offered a more intuitive experience – they can switch seamlessly between applications – boosting both efficiencies and productivity. The fast track implementation approach also means customers can be up and running quicker.

As organisations become more focused on outcomes, there has been an increased demand for sophisticated reporting technology. The new analytics software with this release will improve business intelligence and enable organisations to focus on these outcomes, while dashboard technology will provide a simple bird’s eye view of how the organisation is performing against key measures, making life easier.

Advanced has domain expertise within the education sector. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to software, and recognise there are differing requirements for schools, academies, universities and colleges. Advanced is an expert in finance and understand the importance of fast and easy access to both financial and non-financial data. Advanced is sponsoring the BUFDG (British Universities Finance Directors Group) Conference on the 6th of April in Leicester.

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