The next-gen comms system

Digital signage specialist Beabloo helps South Essex College launch its next generation communication system

Beabloo is a plug and play digital signage solution that operates through the cloud, enabling colleges, schools and universities to communicate better with their students, staff and parents. Beabloo is completely configurable, from single screen displays and mobile devices to massive multi-screen video walls, with all messages being created and managed from the cloud, so there’s no need for additional infrastructure such as servers and complex staff training.

Driven by the latest innovations in IT, Beabloo is powered by Intel technology such as the miniature Intel NUC. This tiny PC is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can be fully remote managed, negating the need for costly and time-consuming onsite engineer visits. Combined with Intel AIM capability, Beabloo can also gather anonymous objective statistics such as the age and gender of who is looking at your messages, allowing you to tailor the content to the viewer (AIM also gives you the number of viewings of the content).

Using rich media such as animated graphics, audio and video, Beabloo is ideal for wayfinding inside campuses, class and social activity scheduling, noticeboard updates, weather alerts and emergency messages such as fire alerts.

Beabloo worked very closely alongside their reseller partner Octopus networks with South Essex college as Michael Bennett, Head of Marketing and Communications, explains: “In summer 2014, the reception at our Southend Campus was redeveloped, with the aim of making a big impression on visitors and students when they arrive at college. The new four panel 4k video wall and an additional screen behind reception was absolutely key to this ambition. The education sector has, for too long, relied on posters and word of mouth for promoting internal messages. Beabloo’s outstanding solution allows my team to be much more responsive to the needs of stakeholders by adding and refreshing messages quickly. Moreover, the technology enables us to show much more than the boring, traditional PowerPoint slideshows. With ease, we can add animated graphics, video content and live feeds from our social media channels.

He added: “Beabloo’s professional team has helped us every step of the way through the installation of the system and subsequent training. As our ambition has grown, we have encountered additional training needs and they have always been quick to help.

“Our next steps are to expand the volume of screens across our three, large, town centre campuses, rolling them out in key communal areas such as lift lobbies, canteens and libraries. Over the next three years, we will purchase more so they eventually replace printed posters completely. Beabloo’s software allows us to hand over responsibility of the content to teams such as the Student Union, with final approval by the marketing team before the artwork or video content goes live. Moreover, we can control each screen individually allowing us to tailor the messages to the target audience. The content on the screens also links to a website and smartphone app for full user integration. For me, it is the future of internal communications in colleges and universities.”

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