TNMOC unveils Easter Bytes Festival

The National Museum of Computing’s Bytes festival kicks off with a sci-fi theme on Easter weekend

There is fun for all the family at Easter Bytes Festival at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) on Bletchley Park with technology past and present, fact and fiction.

Star Wars characters from the UK Garrison plus a Dalek and the man behind the Daleks’ voices will be in residence on Saturday 26 March. There will be free entry that weekend for under 16s who come dressed in sci-fi costumes.

Across the 17 days, there are lots of events, appearances and workshops sure to fascinate every member of the family.

The sci-fi turns to sci-fact when MyndPlay lets you control devices using the power of your mind with the first Virtual Reality-ready brainwave headset. Pi-top brings the world’s first 3D printed laptop and runs sessions with Raspberry-Pi operated laptops.

Visitors can also have an introduction to coding with FUZE and Bits and Bytes, join Tablet Academy to learn about Minecraft, meet, greet and even program OhBot the robot, design your own video game, create an app with Blippit and have a go with Oculus Rift 

The National Museum of Computing, located on Bletchley Park, is an independent charity housing the world’s largest collection of functional historic computers, including the rebuilt Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, and the WITCH, the world’s oldest working digital computer. The Museum enables visitors to follow the development of computing from the ultra-secret pioneering efforts of the 1940s through the large systems and mainframes of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and the rise of personal computing in the 1980s and beyond. 

Easter Bytes: the biggest and best Bytes festival yet at The National Museum of Computing, every afternoon, 12 noon to 5pm, 25 March – 10 April. For the full programme of events, see 


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