Transforming assessment

Visitors to stand D100 at Bett 2014 will see how Frog’€™s ground-breaking technology will transform the face of assessment

Rapid advances in technology means today’s teacher can achieve far more than their predecessors. They have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of their pupils’ capabilities and wellbeing, and the direct impact of teaching interventions on attainment.

Frog’s new assessment tool, FrogPlay provides senior leaders with insightful data to track student progression and achievement. This provides them with a helicopter view of whole school performance and empowers senior leaders to celebrate success and highlight areas of improvement.

FrogPlay also enables teachers to track the assessment and progress of each and every child in the classroom. Teachers will gain a greater understanding of student capabilities, wellbeing, and the impact of teaching interventions on attainment. Teachers can set personalised, self-marking homework from a bank of over 150,000 questions, together with tools to create new, or adapt existing resources.

By providing teachers with meaningful information at their fingertips, Frog’s technology will support them to intervene in real time, to better support students and tailor their interventions to each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Using games to motivate learners, FrogPlayfacilitates effective homework, revision and exam practice while promoting independent learning. Students can track their progress, gain an understanding of how they perform on specific tasks, and discover the areas where they need extra attention. Positive progress can be rewarded, inspiring continual improvement.

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