UK coding not-for-profit announced as WISE Award finalist

The 15 finalists include three British education and training programmes, including the BBC Micro:bit coding initiative

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has announced 15 finalists for the 2019 WISE Awards, including UK tech project Micro:bit.

British projects United World Schools, and Family Business for Education are also listed in the top 15.

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The Micro:bit Educational Foundation has been recognised for its small, easy-to-use coding devices for children. The not-for-profit foundation was established in September 2016, and aims to encourage the ‘maker movement’. Project-based learning partnered with an accessible and affordable device means children are able to learn to design, create, code and program. 86% of users asked said that the micro:bit made computer science more interesting.

Stavros N. Yiannouka, CEO of WISE, said: “Each of the 2019 WISE Awards finalists has built an effective, tested solution to a global educational challenge.

“Whether ensuring access to fundamental early childhood education or preparing children for the 21st Century workplace, each project is already transforming children’s lives, and provides an inspirational model for others to adopt.”

Each of the 2019 WISE Awards finalists has built an effective, tested solution to a global educational challenge.
– Stavros N. Yiannouka, WISE

The 15 finalists come from 9 different countries, and were selected by a panel of international experts. Issues the finalists are addressing with their projects include girls’ education, coding and digital skills, improving teacher training and motivation, critical thinking and creativity, and more.

Total list of finalists:

  • Micro:bit Educational Foundation
  • United World Schools: Teaching the Unreached
  • Akilah Institute
  • Family Business for Education
  • MyMachine
  • Personal Safety Education Program
  • Stawisha Leadership Institute
  • OpenClassrooms
  • ReBootKamp
  • Dost Education
  • Peer Coaching Plan
  • Moringa School
  • Institut de l’Engagement
  • Programa Criança Feliz
  • CareerAware

A number of the finalists use STEM and tech approaches, such as MyMachine, OpenClassrooms, Dost (also a Next Billion Edtech Prize winner), Moringa School, and ReBootKamp.

The final winners will be announced in July 2019, and celebrated at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, Qatar in November 2019.

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