UK workers denied opportunities for training and learning, claims new survey

A poll of UK workers by SDWorx found that fewer than half were afforded the chance to decide which training courses they would like to attend

While talking up the importance of multi-skilling may have become an article of faith in managerial circles in recent years, shop floor complaints about a lack of opportunity for training paint a rather different picture.

More than a third of UK workers (35%) say that employers are not offering them the opportunity to learn new skills in their current jobs, according to new research from payroll and HR services provider, SDWorx.

The poll of 500 UK-based workers also found that, while 72% of employees said that they were “constantly trying to obtain further training and develop specialisations”, fewer than half (49%) were afforded the chance to decide which training courses they would like to attend.

“This research shows that employers are failing to provide workers with enough learning and development opportunities,” said Agata Nowakowska, area vice president at online courses and training provider, Skillsoft.

From the archive: In 2018 we reported on how the average UK professional had gone two years without any training

“It’s important to remember that providing training and options to learn new skills is not only crucial for business growth, but for employee retention as well,” she added. “Having a structured learning and development programme in place shows employees that the company values their personal development. In fact, businesses with a strong learning culture have around 30-50% increased retention rates [compared to] those that don’t.

“In the digital world, employees are often mobile and running against time. Whilst they value learning development, they require training that meets the demands of the modern workplace. Intelligent learning solutions that provide employees with engaging and tailored learning paths are the solution for many forward-thinking companies, as it enables them to meet each individual’s requirements while encouraging them to take control over their own learning.

“Employees can learn on the go, whether that means doing an eLearning module at their desk or watching a video whilst on their train journey home. By giving employees the freedom to choose their own path, investing in employee training, and cultivating a culture of inclusion, organisations can create a happier and more productive workforce.”

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