ULaw launches #LiveProspectus

The University of Law unveils social media-curated prospectus

The University of Law (ULaw) has launched #LiveProspectus, the world’s first social media-curated prospectus, created by students for students.

#LiveProspectus aims to engage with prospective and current students who will be responsible for updating the social media content on the site by submitting their own content, including images and videos. 

The living, breathing social prospectus, devised by digital creative agency, Nonsense, comprises of student-made videos, Instagram photos, and LinkedIn profiles of alumni, as well as Google links and maps – all designed to give prospective students an authentic, real-life picture of the University.

Students at ULaw have been actively involved in creating the content for #LiveProspectus, from filming and editing video content to submitting social media content, and they will continue to contribute and update the ever-growing prospectus over time.

Lysette Gauna, Head of Brand at ULaw, said: “We believe there is far more to the University than you can ever hope to fit in a printed brochure and what more powerful way to bring it to life than showing it through the eyes of our current students? They not only have the most relevant insight into studying here, but also really understand the questions that might be asked.”

#LiveProspectus is now available online at www.liveprospectus.com

Image: © The University of Law