University of East Anglia launches new Q&A platform

The interactive website will help prospective students pick a university

A new platform designed by the University of East Anglia (UEA) launches this week, as thousands of 16-year-olds start the process of choosing which universities to apply to.

AskUEA is a live and interactive ‘question and answer’ website, unlike any other currently on offer. It allows students to ask burning questions about university life, receiving tailored responses quickly. Any question about different aspects of student life can be submitted, they don’t have to be about UEA. By offering existing answers relevant to search terms alongside the chance to submit new, specific questions, it will cover anything and everything students may want to know about university.

The site has launched containing some commonly asked questions, and will be populated further as prospective students send in further queries. Covering topics from accommodation and finance to city life and whether they can expect to meet alumnus Greg James, AskUEA aims to help students decide if UEA, or university in general, is right for them.

Although aimed primarily at those just starting the journey of university applications, it’s also hoped the site will prove useful to those who are heading to university this September who may have last-minute questions or concerns.


Jane English, UEA marketing officer who led on the creation of the site, said: “AskUEA is all about simple access to useful answers. Prospective students ask us a question and if we haven’t already answered it, our team of university boffins will start working on the most thorough answer they can.

Choosing which university to attend is a huge decision and we wanted to offer a simple, friendly and engaging way to help in that decision-making process – Jane English, UEA marketing officer

“Depending on what is asked, we will have an answer within a few hours to a few days. All questions and answers will remain on the site to help visitors with similar queries. Choosing which university to attend is a huge decision and we wanted to offer a simple, friendly and engaging way to help in that decision-making process.

“Although there are many ‘Frequently Asked Question’ style pages out there, AskUEA is unique in offering a personalised response to any question about university life – as long as it’s not offensive!”

Questions already answered cover some of the most common concerns of applicants. These include “How easy is it to make friends at university?”, “What subject should I study”, and “What’s the weather like in Norwich?”.

AskUEA uses a panel of experts from across the university to answer submitted questions. Responses aren’t just limited to text but may also include relevant videos showcasing the campus or the city, or links to further interesting material. AskUEA is available to anyone at


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