University of Manchester first partner for RPA programme

The university will be the first education institution to partner with RPA company Blue Prism to deliver the Global Academia Programme

Pioneer in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blue Prism, has today launched its Global Academia Programme, to empower students with the skills they need to participate in and shape the future of work. 

The company announced the programme launch with its first academic partner, the University of Manchester. Through this global programme, Blue Prism is making RPA software and comprehensive training and educational materials available to the world’s higher education institutions.

“The demand for cognitive automation and RPA solutions is being felt across the globe.” said David Moss, CTO and co-founder of Blue Prism. “Our vision has always been broader and that is to share our technology with a growing network of educational partners, to ensure that we are building talent for the present and future. I’m also excited that the university which boasts the legacy of Alan Turing and other ground-breaking computer science firsts, has expressed a strong interest in working with us to shape the future of work.” 

Birthplace of the first stored-program computer takes on RPA

As the programme’s first partner, the University of Manchester will have access to Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce solution, enabling computer science students to build out RPA projects at global scale. The public university is the birthplace of the world’s first stored-program computer and includes 25 Nobel laureates among its past and present students and staff. Alan Turing, considered to be the father of modern computing and artificial intelligence worked at the university between 1948–1954.

“We’re known around the world for the quality of our teaching and because all our courses are created with students’ employability in mind,” said Gavin Brown, Director of Research, School of Computer Science for the University of Manchester. “Partnering with Blue Prism and offering their platform within the University of Manchester underscores our commitment to leveraging this technology in research projects with cutting-edge new AI technology, and to provide real-world challenges for our staff and students.” 

Our vision is to empower future leaders who will shape the digital transformation journey. – Gavin Brown, University of Manchester

“Our vision is to empower future leaders who will shape the digital transformation journey. We are already seeing RPA embraced in the education community among Blue Prism affiliated academics at MIT and the London School of Economics,” said Alastair Bathgate, CEO and co-founder of Blue Prism. “The Blue Prism Global Academia Programme will accelerate the adoption of automation and the convergence of the future of both education and work.”

A growing programme with global reach

All universities and colleges that are interested in joining must apply to take advantage of this programme. Once accepted, the institution will receive access to the Blue Prism RPA platform, an annual educational software licence and a Blue Prism Autonomous Training Kit (ATK), which contains the Developer Foundation Training used by the company’s customers and partners. Both the training and the platform will be accessible through the university’s network to be used for educational purposes.

Participating educational institutions can opt to deliver the self-guided Foundation Training course – which takes 20-30 hours to complete – as a self-learning opportunity, or craft it into an instructor-led classroom programme. All teachers and students can register through the Blue Prism portal to gain access to additional resources including templates, advanced accreditation options, and a development guide library.

“It is very commendable of Blue Prism to make this proven RPA technology freely available to the world’s academic institutions,” says professor Leslie Willcocks from the London School of Economics, and one of the survey authors. “The company is seeding the next generation of innovators, disruptors and digital business leaders.”

For more details on the programme and information on how to apply, visit the Blue Prism Academia Programme web page or send an inquiry email to .