University creates fully online courses with Maple T.A.

University of Manchester takes first steps in creating fully online courses supported by Maple T.A.

“Maple T.A. allows us to better refine our questions, save a great deal of time on marking, and ultimately maximize our educational offerings.” – Dr. James Brooks, Lecturer in Distance Learning, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester.

Faculty at the University of Manchester wanted a tool to support their new distance learning approach and make the delivery of a fully-online course a reality.

The school adopted Maple T.A. to address the critical assessment and testing portion of a Master of Science online course.

Student performance and engagement increased after course worksheets were converted to assignments in Maple T.A. The school is continuing to refine their online learning approach to maximize on Maple T.A.’s capabilities and the most efficient learning experience for their students.

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