UoW embraces smartphones

The University of Westminster (UoW) is embracing edtech by allowing students and staff access to the academic timetable via their mobile devices

Using CMISGo from Advanced Learning, the timetable has been made available to 27,000 students and more than 4,000 staff via their smartphones.

UoW has said that access to timetables in this way will significantly improve students’ lives by enabling them to organise themselves long ahead of their academic commitments and deadlines. Students and staff will also be able to share diaries and course information via their smartphones. 

Professor Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas, Deputy Vice-chancellor, University of Westminster, said: “CMISGo will be key to improving the management of resources across our four campuses, each of which accommodates innovative social learning spaces as well as lecture theatres and seminar rooms, alongside laboratories, studios and corporate accommodation. 

“The capabilities of the new timetabling system are very exciting and I was impressed at how very easy it is to use. This is a positive change for students and staff and it is great to have such a powerful and intuitive tool at our disposal. Our students need to be ever more organised in today’s world and we believe the solution will be a great asset.” 

The timetable has been produced by UoW using Advanced’s CMIS timetabling and resource management solution. CMIS has been used to schedule more than 8,000 separate teaching events for the current academic year and has replaced manually-intensive processes including a reliance on spreadsheets.

“The solution will also improve our ability to coordinate the conference and seminar space we lease to our commercial partners, helping us improve customer service levels,” continued Prof Morgan-Tamosunas.

“We believe this will be central to maximising the revenue generation potential of the University’s portfolio of resources.”