Use iPads in the classroom?

Schools looking for a complete, all in one iPad Cart solution can take advantage of a special offer from LocknCharge

LocknCharge offers schools that extra peace of mind, with a one-year electrical warranty completely free (three years in total) on all iQ 30 Carts ordered before the 31st July.

Schools looking for a complete, all in one iPad Cart solution can take advantage of a special offer from LocknCharge, giving them an extra year’s electrical warranty on the iQ 30 Cart free if they place an order before the 31st July (three year’s warranty in total). 

Ideal for educational establishments that use Apple iPads, the iQ 30 Cart can sync, charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini devices. Equipped with a key feature of six removable baskets, each with a five slot tablet capacity, iPads can easily be transported around the classroom by even the smallest of hands, without being dropped or damaged. The addition of the baskets inside the cart is something that schools find particularly valuable – not only do baskets keep iPads safe, but they reduce the time spent by teachers distributing devices, and the time spent by children queuing up to put them back into a traditional cabinet.

With stretched budgets, strained resources and teacher workloads at an all time high, schools are looking for reliable IT systems that provide minimal disruption and downtime. Warranties provide that extra peace of mind for schools and teachers – for whom a day without any charged or synched iPads is a valuable day’s lesson planning lost.

It is true that iPads can be synced wirelessly, however for schools who do not have the required bandwidth or wireless infrastructure, a cart provides the necessary equipment to both sync and charge a large number of iPads at the same time, with the added benefit of safety and security.

The iQ 30 Cart features a central channel system that holds all cables in place, which is both neat and easy to set up. It is equipped with 30 MFi approved Lightening cables that illuminate blue to indicate that there is power available. An intelligent power management system automatically stages the availability of power to each port, preventing the potential of overloading the circuit and protecting your devices.

James Symons, CEO, LocknCharge says: “LocknCharge is committed to making teachers’ lives easier, and as part of that, we understand the impact that IT downtime can have on a school and its ability to operate smoothly. We are confident that our products can withstand the demands of any educational establishment and with a lifetime warranty on the cart, as well as the extra year’s electrical warranty that our offer brings, schools can rest assured that the iQ 30 Cart is built to last.”

To order, schools should contact their local LocknCharge reseller. A full list is available on the LocknCharge website: Alternatively, they can contact LocknCharge directly on +44 (0) 208 441 4107.

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