Video game class for Dundee kids

Dundee schoolchildren will learn about video game design from BAFTA-winning artist Sophia George in the Game Changer Dundee project

Game Changer Dundee is a partnership between Abertay University’s Outreach and Public Engagement Network and Dundee City Council’s ICT Support team, who have previously delivered a range of successful coding and game design education projects. 

George will introduce pupils to her inspirations as an artist and game designer, leading practical sessions looking at the links between traditional art and modern video games. She will focus on creating artwork and game ideas on paper – emphasising the importance of traditional art skills to digital industries like video games. She said: “Game design is a very complex, creative skill that’s wonderful to introduce to school pupils at a young age. We’ll be looking at how traditional school subjects like art, music and maths are essential to creating games, and focusing on the importance of art and creativity to making games. 

“I’m excited to share my influences from my time in the V&A in London, particularly female artists that are often overlooked. Traditional art skills and historic artists are a rich area of inspiration for game designers, and one I’ll be exploring across Dundee’s primary schools.” 

Dr Patricia Sterpaio, Coordinator of Abertay University’s Outreach & Public Engagement Network, said: “It’s very important that school pupils get experience of art and science at a young age, helping them to understand how their school subjects connect to exciting careers like game design.

“Sophia is a very inspiring individual for young people, particularly girls interested in subjects and careers that can be stereotyped as just for boys. We’re delighted to be supporting this project that will show hundreds of young people the opportunities open to them.”  

George will visit each participating school twice, before and after Christmas, to give the pupils time to create artwork and game ideas to present to her.

Primary schools across Dundee were invited to take part, with over 30 classes from 21 schools participating in Game Changer Dundee.


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Wednesday December 8, 11AM (GMT)