VR brings Plymouth to the rest of the world

An interactive VR experience places prospective students into four studio spaces from a curated selection of courses at Plymouth College of Art

Plymouth College of Art’s new virtual reality experience is intended to engage prospective students who may not be able to visit the college in person.

The experience has three distinct levels to it:

 – the ‘welcome environment’, featuring a hologram of Andrew Brewerton (Principal of Plymouth College of Art)

 – four studio spaces featuring ‘hot spots’ for the user to discover

 – some extraordinary outdoor environments in and around Plymouth

Trailer for the VR experience

The College explains that they “wanted to give the user autonomy within the experience. It’s up to the user where they go, and it’s designed in a way that will only reveal information that’s interesting and relevant to them”.

To echo the college’s creative philosophy we used VR tech to allow the user to explore the indoor and outdoor spaces without boundaries or limitations,” added Pali Palavathanan, Co-founder & Creative Director of TEMPLO.


Solving the lost learning Crisis

Wednesday December 8, 11AM (GMT)