VR to boost distance learning at LSBF

Online students at the London School of Business and Finance are receiving free virtual reality headsets

Online postgraduate students at London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) have begun receiving free virtual reality (VR) headsets.

The equipment is part of the public speaking module, in which students have the opportunity to improve their presentation skills.

Students are assessed how they perform in VR-authored high-pressure scenarios, with the system measuring speaking speed, intonation, volume and audience engagement, before offering feedback on how to improve.

Introduction to LSBF’s VR initiative

Although increasingly common in the classroom, VR has yet to be widely utilised in distance learning, says LSBF.

“With this initiative, we are giving our students the opportunity to be part of this technological revolution,” said the institution’s academic lead, Christopher Jasko.

“Combining VR with distance learning will help students use the technology to its full potential, whilst encouraging self-learning in an even more flexible and independent environment.”

Hundreds of headsets have been sent to students across the globe, including Germany, Nigeria, India and the UAE.

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