Wearable tech impacts HE

The majority of UK universities admit they are unprepared for the impact of wearable devices on their IT infrastructure

Business software company, Ipswitch, has revealed that an overwhelming 76% of UK universities admitted to having no plan in place for managing wearable technology – from Google Glass to smart watches – on their IT infrastructure.

The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) was requested by Ipswitch to identify whether public sector organisations, including 123 universities, were adopting effective approaches to the challenge of managing a growing number of devices on the network. 

It looked at whether they were using network management tools effectively, and whether they were looking to plan ahead for fresh challenges such as the security and network bandwidth issues, that can be expected as employees rapidly adopt wearable technologies for personal and professional use.

It also found that, despite the rich feature set offered by these tools, almost half of universities across the UK are unable to differentiate between wired and wireless devices on their network.