Website helps kids see wood from trees

A newly-launched website aims to develop youngsters into lifelong readers, bringing a new digital approach to the written word

Wood of Words is a multi-media website which offers book extracts and full texts alongside games, videos and activities to youngsters.

Schools which subscribe to the site receive three modular programmes over a 10 week period during the autumn, winter and summer terms, each based around a different theme which incorporates elements from key children’s literature texts. They include book extracts, creative writing activities and word games as well as downloadable content for off-computer class work. The adventure theme that will kick the year off to an exciting start is ‘Pirates’.

The site is a dynamic addition to the teaching programme and aims to highlight reading and writing skills and abilities in children which they can then then work on both inside and outside school.

Jake Hope, co-director at Digital Ink Drop, the company behind Wood of Words, said: “We passionately believe that all children have the ability to become creative wordsmiths and that this is possible by encouraging children to explore the worlds of word and story.

“By offering fun, interesting activities and interactive tasks, Wood of Words extends the reading and writing experiences way beyond the page and grows children as lifelong readers and expressive writers.

“We are very grateful to Creative England and the Library of Birmingham Development Trust for the funding which has made the Wood of Words possible. The support we’ve received from the Library of Birmingham has been fantastic and their backing has allowed us to bring our idea to life.”

The schools area is just one of three on the Wood of Words website, which also has dedicated areas for libraries and families, allowing librarians and parents to take advantage of the fantastic resources and support available on the site.

To find out more, explore the Wood of Words at:

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