What the Edtech?! AI and big data

#6 – Experts discuss the world of artificial intelligence, and how big data and the cloud are transforming research

In this episode Daniela Duca, a former Jisc senior co-design manager1, and Kenji Takeda, director of the Microsoft Azure for research program, have a fascinating chat about some pretty big ideas; the equipment data projectpost-quantum cryptography, big data, the Cambrian explosion, AI and cloud and quantum computing.

We also hear from Miranda Mowbray, lecturer in Computer Science at University of Bristol, who dispels the magic surrounding machine learning. She also discusses her work identifying a tax on computer networks, discovering previously undetected malware.

Show notes

Daniela mentioned ZooniverseGalaxy Zoo and Citizen science. While Kenji spoke about the quantum development kitMicrosoft AI schoolMicrosoft/Internet of Things smart water system in India and, of course, the excellent Microsoft quantum cat video.

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