When a plan comes together

The School Planner Company has now launched a brand new online diary and communication system, Honeycomb ePlanner

The School Planner Company has over 15 years’ experience working with schools, currently supplying customised student planners to more than 3,000 schools, with double-digit growth each year. With a large, highly skilled, in-house design team, the award-winning School Planner Company focuses on tailoring products to meet the exact needs of each customer, which is a key driver for its success.

Dedicated to understanding and meeting it customers’ unique requirements, The School Planner Company has now launched a brand new online diary and communication system, Honeycomb ePlanner, which aims to build on the success of its printed products and can be used on its own or with a School Planner Company paper planner.

The Honeycomb ePlanner is designed for today’s multi-device, multi-tasking schoolchildren who are used to cloud services, online communication and apps. The innovative new service is available through any browser and apps specifically designed for phones, tablets and laptops, allowing homework, coursework and key information for students and parents, to be stored and communicated digitally. Honeycomb gets to the heart of daily communication and organisation, which sets it apart from other apps. Since Honeycomb integrates with major school management systems, it is quite straightforward for the School Planner Company team to get a school up and running. Student and teacher timetable data automatically updates every 24 hours, keeping everyone right up to date.

Designers at the School Planner Company create school-specific content and brand the portal to each school. Having done that, the learning curve is remarkably short, so a ‘train the trainer’ principle works really well with most users able to get going by themselves.

For students…

A live version of each student’s timetable is at the heart of the Honeycomb ePlanner, making it easy for students to keep track of homework, school events, notifications and where they should be at any given time. Teachers push homework, assignments, tests, notes and other communications directly to class or an individual student’s diaries, increasing accountability and reducing errors and miscommunications.

A range of features help students manage and organise their schoolwork. Tasks are sticky, and are visible until completed, while other communication types flow by as news feeds. On mobile devices, the Honeycomb ePlanner also works offline, syncing when data access is available. Honeycomb is branded to the school and includes school-specific content that would normally appear in a printed planner, such as term dates, code of conduct and so on.

For teachers…

Honeycomb helps teachers to take control of their classroom administration with intuitive functions to streamline managing classes and communicating with students.

Having pushed tasks out to individuals or classes, progress can be monitored and reminders sent and tracked. Simply clicking on the calendar for a given lesson initiates a task with all students for that group already selected. The ‘due date’ field highlights all future days when the chosen class is taught, making diarising assignments easy. New features are constantly in development, including lesson planning, goal setting, grading and workload planning tools. 

For parents…

Honeycomb allows parents to keep in touch with their child’s school with access to the most current information about school, including important dates, upcoming events and key messages. Parents can see their child’s schedule, homework tasks and extra-curricular activities which can be viewed as soon as they have been set, making it easier to provide support and encouragement.                 

For administrators…

Designated administrators can send messages to wider groups, including year groups, school campuses, parents or teachers. Messages can include event notifications and general announcements, or include richer content such as newsletters and articles. For school leadership, irrefutable transparency to parents is assured, and reports can be accessed which show usage and other relevant metrics.

For more information visit: www.beeorganised.co.uk 

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