World’s first customisable language learning app uses AI to personalise content

Course Wizard uses linguistics, machine learning and AI to create bespoke language learning courses based on user preference

The world’s first customisable language learning tool from Lingvist allows users to create bespoke courses based around their needs or interests.

Course Wizard utilises AI, machine learning and linguistics to create courses based on interests, careers, or hobbies. For instance, a user could learn the vocabulary they need to discuss their particular study area or interest in a different language.

Users add words or a piece of text to the platform, either by typing directly or pasting a URL, and the app’s algorithm creates an entire course stemming from this original input. Users are presented with example sentences and a vocabulary set that relates to their interest, and machine learning deciphers which phrases are already known and which need practice.

Available languages are somewhat limited at present, but the app does offer the possibility to create courses from English to Spanish or French, and from Spanish, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese to English.

Mait Müntel, co-founder and CEO of Lingvist, said: “In the UK, we are unfortunately witnessing a decline in individuals learning languages at universities and colleges: it was recently found that UK French A-Level applicants have plummeted from 15,000 to 8,000 in a decade.

“This is perhaps due to instant translations being available, meaning that people are no longer taking the time to comprehensively learn languages and immerse themselves in the cultures of other countries.”

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