How to deliver better learning with less resource

Why tech-savvy hardware refresh is the key to bridging the budget gap

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During the pandemic, teaching has naturally shifted online at a greater pace than ever before. While adjusting to this, educators and institutions have also been asked to maintain or even exceed learning outcomes under difficult circumstances.

For many, tackling this challenge has meant new software solutions, but what about the hardware?

For schools and universities, a smart approach to refreshing equipment may be the key to getting best results with limited budget.

In the webinar, our expert panel discuss the best ways to overcome recent and emerging teaching challenges with a careful and efficient approach to renewing your ICT estate.

We discussed...

  • Managing increased demand for limited numbers of portable devices
  • Compatibility – Is equipment (particularly donated equipment) fit for purpose?
  • Procurement – Getting what you need at the right price from COVID-hit supply chains
  • Sustainability – Why now is the time to shift attitudes on extending, reusing and refurbishing old equipment
  • Other tips and advice to optimise your budgets and set your institution up for the future


Astrid Wynne

Astrid is the sustainability lead at Techbuyer, a global company that specialises in buying, refurbishment and selling data centre IT hardware. She is also Head of Partnerships at Interact, a tool that manages energy efficiency for data centre IT hardware. Her other responsibilities include Chair of the Sustainability Special Interest Group at the Data Centre Alliance, Board Member for Free ICT Europe and representing Techbuyer’s Associate Partner status for the three year Interreg funded CEDaCI project, spanning the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Astrid has submitted evidence a number of international research projects and the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into electronic waste and the circular economy. She writes on digital sustainability for the industry press with a particular focus on materials usage and the embodied energy in ICT.

Rich Kenny

Rich is the Group IT Director at Techbuyer where he leads the IT, Digital and Sustainability teams alongside technical, research and innovation partnerships. His research and development focus are hardware energy efficiency and the environmental and economic impacts of ICT hardware during creation, use and disposal. He has contributed to the UK’s Industrial Strategy through the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee and been interviewed by the Leadership Council of Great Britain and Ireland. An Influencer for the Northern Intelligence forums he gives advice and talks to business about innovation, training and sustainability in technology.

John-Paul Williams

John-Paul is the Sales Director for Ortial Technologies, a UK vendor of SSD, memory and networking components. With over 15 years’ experience in ICT and Telecommunications, John-Paul has worked with some of the biggest resellers, re-tailors and corporate customers across Europe. His role at Ortial is to lead the team to work directly with partners, offering a first-class service whilst offering cost savings for all budgets. One of John-Paul’s key wins has been forming a partnership with KIOXIA (Toshiba) which allows Ortial to provide a complete offering from laptop upgrades to server infrastructure storage.

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Ortial Technologies is a UK based company specialising in high-performance networking, memory and data storage components including SFP & GBIC transceiver modules, server, desktop and notebook memory DIMMS, and solid-state drives. Ortial pride themselves on the quality of their products and offer full global lifetime warranties on the networking and memory range, and offer a 5-year warranty on all SSD’s.


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