How to solve the lost learning crisis

Schools have needed to constantly adapt and evolve how they teach and operate over the past 18 months.

Now, as we move into the future “hybrid learning” will simply become learning.

Our expert panel discussed how schools can take learnings from the last 18 months, to ensure they are able to implement simple solutions that adapt to the way their school now operates – overcoming fear of tech failure and bridging the gap for all learners.

We discussed:

  • Big(Data) thinking: How to harness real-time intelligence to solve lost learning crisis
  • Growth mindsets: Overcoming fear of tech failure to increase education standards
  • Community focus: Collaborating to make hybrid learning a success
  • Creative thinking: Automate to accelerate!


Winston Poyton - Senior Product Director, IRIS Software Group

With a 20 year career under his belt, Winston has built up a wealth of experience in the education and development technologies sectors. From collaborating with key educational establishments in Australia, India and the USA, to rolling out broadband across UK schools back in 2000, he has always been driven by innovation, insight and new ways to implement best practice. Now Head of Product Development for IRIS Education, he is responsible for driving the strategy and direction of the business, helping meet the ever-evolving needs of customers, educators and learners alike.

Mark Tadman - Sales Director, School Business Services

Mark has worked in the Education sector for 20 years, all within commercial organisations looking to help schools improve the way they work with technology and increase efficiencies. Mark has headed up Sales and Operations teams with a view to supporting schools in the back office, covering areas such as MIS, Finance, ICT, HR & Budgeting. In 2008 mark co-founded School Business Services with a mission to accelerate the introduction of innovative services and software solutions. In 2020 School Business Services was acquired by the Supporting Education Group.

James Keift - Activate Learning

James is passionate about how technology can be used to benefit teaching learning and assessment, he has a wealth of teaching experience with over 25 years of teaching across Further and Higher education. In 2014 he was joint individual runner up for the ALT learning technologist of the year for his work with Google sites, Google+, and other web apps and sites which he promotes through his blog and more recently his YouTube channel. In 2018 he was thrilled to be included in #Edtech50 a list that celebrates the work of the education technology sector in the UK, and shines a spotlight on those pioneering a new future in education through technology.

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